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Cairo's Costume Disasters - by Leyla Lanty.  Tacky, bizarre and surprising costumes worn by Cairo's stars of oriental dance.  Plenty of photos. Article from the Gilded Serphant.

History of the Hustle The origin and evolution of the hustle are somewhat shrouded in mystery. A line dance called the hustle is thought to predate the partner form of the dance. In the early days of the hustle, many styles developed, but most were more alike than different. The following terms were used to describe the various types: rope hustle, sling hustle, Latin hustle, Spanish hustle, tango hustle, and New York hustle.

Several shows and movies propelled the popularity of the dance. The most popular movie featuring the hustle was Saturday Night Fever , released in 1977 and starring John Travolta. The following year the movie, Thank God It’s Friday starring diva Donna Summer was released to capitalize on SNF's popularity. The television show American Bandstand featured hustle exhibition dances and the 1979 show, Dance Fever, was devoted to disco dance competitions. Popular artists of the era included the Bee Gees and . and the Sunshine Band and even established artists like Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye had some of the biggest hits of their careers with disco tracks recorded during this time.

The New York style of hustle, also called the syncopated hustle or the three-count hustle, is essentially the only survivor among the various styles that were introduced in the 1970’s. Today, the New York style of hustle overwhelmingly dominates all major competitions and all teaching programs. Almost all instructional videos are devoted to the three-count hustle, also called the New York hustle.

Some folks claim that two styles of hustle still exist today: the New York Style and the West Coast Style. This is not really the case. Many hustle figures are linear or slotted in nature while other figures travel around the floor. Dancers who prefer the West Coast Swing slot style simply select the slotted or linear figures and avoid the figures that travel about. As essentially only one style now exists, most teaching studios refer to the dance as just, "the hustle."
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Various - Retro Dance Club Volume 1Various - Retro Dance Club Volume 1Various - Retro Dance Club Volume 1Various - Retro Dance Club Volume 1

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