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IV. DAVID DAVID'S BIRTH AND DESCENT. David, the "elect of God," was descended from a family which itself belonged to the elect of Israel. Those ancestors of his who ...

"A songwriter with an easy sincerity, [Dan Gillespie Sells] combines poppy verve and a craving for the bittersweet. The book and lyrics are the work of TV writer Tom MacRae, and what they lack in blazingly original storytelling they more than make up for with warmth and wit. The result is a true crowd-pleaser — big-hearted and joyous." - Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard (four stars)

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1984)
Freaky Styley (1985)
What Hits? (1992)
Out In . (1994)

David was not long permitted to enjoy the ease of life at court. The aggressive manner assumed by Goliath drove him to the front. It was a curious chance that designated David to be the slayer of Goliath, who was allied with him by the ties of blood. Goliath, it will be remembered, was the son of the Moabitess Orpah, the sister-in-law of David's ancestress Ruth, and her sister as well, both having been the daughters of the Moabite king Eglon. David and Goliath differed as widely as their grandams, for in contrast to Ruth, the pious, religious Jewess, Orpah had led a life of unspeakable infamy. Her son Goliath was jeered at as "the son of a hundred fathers and one mother." But God lets naught go unrewarded, even in the wicked. In return for the forty steps Orpah had accompanied her mother-in-law Naomi, Goliath the Philistine, her son, was permitted to display his strength and skill for forty days, and in return for the four tears Orpah had shed on parting from her mother-in-law, she was privileged to give birth to four giant sons.

Being the most prominent target on the battlefield, she is going to draw fire right out the gate. I see an unholy alliance between Iowa and Bismarck until Yamato goes to the bottom.

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Wicked King Wicker - FlydustWicked King Wicker - FlydustWicked King Wicker - FlydustWicked King Wicker - Flydust


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